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O.S.S. began with a simple concept: to re-imagine your favorite dishes as one of Wisconsin's greatest comfort foods, the bratwurst. Whether they be traditional or quirky, familiar or exotic, our sausages surely will transport you to a time when you enjoyed a favorite meal and they will create delicious memories for you to take away from your visit to O.S.S.

Our Signature Sausages start with custom made sausages locally-prepared from our own recipes. Then, we add our gourmet toppings and sauces to create our unique take on dishes from around the world. Pair one sausage selection with one of our homemade sides, like beer-battered cheese curds, house-cut french fries, or a bowl of 2nd Best Chili, to make it a bigger meal. Also, don't forget to choose a mason jar of beer or cider from our ever-changing line-up of local tap selections to complete your experience.

What Does O.S.S. Mean, Anyway?

A very common question, indeed. Initially, a few great possibilities oscillated around our discussions like Our Sausage Shoppe, Old School Sausage, or Open Source Sausages. Suddenly, those few ideas multiplied and birthed many more. Soon enough, we had hundreds of possible O.S.S. meanings. And we know there are more. It doesn’t take a decoder ring, the Enigma machine or familiarity with the Pigpen cipher to crack this seemingly infinite code. Like the infamous Sherlock Holmes, just observe all the evidence that surrounds you here at O.S.S. to arrive at your own conclusion.

Our Simple Service

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. Our stellar staff will happily assist you throughout your meal with on-the-spot service that will make you feel right at home. Ask them questions about the menu at the register. Allow them to attend to your needs during your meal. And, let them clean up after you're finished eating. They are here for you while you enjoy your experience trying new or familiar flavors with other customers seated at our community tables. Our service simply cannot be beat.

Open Source Sausage

Are you a creative cook? Having trouble finding one Satisfying sausage on our menu? Wish you could have an original scintillating selection to show-off to your friends and family? We invite you to submit recipes online or at the restaurant for your own sausage ideas through "Open Source Sausages." If we select your recipe to be featured along with our recipes, we will call the original submitted sausage whatever you choose and include your name on the menu as well. We expect many imaginative dishes from the distinguished palates of our customers. Ask one of our staff members about Open Source Sausages, if you are interested.

Our Sweet Spot

Our Sausage Shop is located at 910 Regent St. (Off State Street). It's got a funky steampunk theme that's interesting to look at but comfortable at the same time. We wanted to create the kind of dining experience that we would like to enjoy, and we think we have. We're excited to share our passion for sausage with you.

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OSS Does Old School Sausage Sandwiches In Innovative Ways

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